Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cruising the Texas streets -Night and (Go All) Day: Wake Up Call -

Chaz Ortiz & Sean Malto - Night and (Go All) Day: Wake Up Call

 In the first of Gatorade's three-part video series, Chaz Ortiz and Sean Malto kick start their day in Austin, Texas cruising the streets, checking out spots, and attempting to meet up. Parts two and three will show what the rest of the day (and night) has in store. Soundtrack features the song "Lover's Carvings" by Bibio. I love this kind of cruising video like P.Rod's Nike one though. Peace.


 Chaz Ortiz と Sean Malto の Gatorade ビデオの三部作の第一話。テキサスののストリートをクルージングして、スポット回ってみたいな P.RodのNike SB の CMみたいなクルージングビデオ かなり好きだなぁ。Peace.


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