Sunday, August 7, 2011

STONP trip #5 California

STONP trip #5 California from Ken Imai on Vimeo.

STONP sends out Yuma Abe, Masaki Toda and Kazushige Fujita to Boreal, June Mountain and Mammoth in California for STONP webepisode number 5. They hanged out with GIVIN crew and SIGNAL Team. . For more info go to and stay tuned for Full length STONP movie coming this fall.



STONP #5 は UMA, MA$AKI, Shige の3人で California へ。GIVIN crew, Signal Team と絡みながらのカリフォルニアトリップ 変な3人組。さらにいろんなSTONP のmovie や info、 秋に出るSTONP Full Movie なんかは で check it out.Peace.


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