Friday, August 26, 2011

TiFdyl designs Endeavor Snowboards

TiFdyl painting

Endeavor Snowboards PK 2011/12 Boyfriend Series

My friend TiFdyl(Taka Sudo) designs Endeavor Snowboards 2011/12 Boyfriend Series. This artist from a high mountain range in Whistler to gassy skyscrapers in Tokyo is really different and so creative. Check out his article with Van City Love down below and Endeavor Snowboards BF series. Peace.

Van City Love "Meet TiFdyl - Taka Sudo" :

TiFdyl :


友達のTiFdylが Endeavor Snowboards のデザインをして、Van City Love にも記事が載ってる。Whistler と 日本を行き来する彼の独創的なデザインのスノーボードや、作品、website なんかも check it out.


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