Friday, June 10, 2011

E-Man Anderson's Re-Edit from DOPE

E-MAN. The Re-Edit.. DUH from Stepchild Snowboards on Vimeo.

E-Man Anderson is a Canadian, has God-like skills on rails, and will appear in the DOPE 2.  And as if this wasn’t enough this bangin’ edit even features a short appearance by Alex Stathis. All footage has been taken from the first Dope flick, which waits for you to appreciate it here:
E-Man's presses are sick.Peace.


E-Man Anderson(イーマン・アンダーソン)はカナディアンで、レールのスキルがハンパない。特に このフッテージのほとんどのトリックがプレスで イケてる。ジブやってる人多いけど プレスを楽しんでないなんて もったいなさすぎる。もっと見たい人は をcheck it out. peace.


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