Thursday, June 9, 2011


Sunday In The Park 2011: Episode 16

This isn't a fresh one, but I wanna introduce this movie to you. Sunday in the park is weekly Video From Bear Mountain. This week featuring Zak Hale, Lenny Mazzotti, Erik Leon, and Mathias Nordby. I like the last dude Mathias Nordby. Really good style and skills. Check it out. Peace.


ちょっと古いけど けっこう好きな Sunday in the park の movie の一つ。Zak Hale とかも出てるEpisode 16 の最後に出てくる Mathias Nordby(マティアス ノードビー)。前から結構好きで スキルもあるし スタイルがかなりいい。まぁ、そんなわけで check it out. Peace.


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