Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fussin In The Bag by DJ HI-B

Fussin In The Bag by HI-B

My friend DJ HI-B just droped his MIX "Fussin In The Bag". He often spins around Roppongi summer time, Yuzawa in winter time,and his sound is crazy. Go to his blog and download his free MIX and check this shit out . Peace.


友達のDJ HI-B がMIX を作って フリーでダウンロードできるんで彼のブログに飛んで check it out. 夏は 六本木界隈で、冬は 湯沢あたりで回してるDJ HI-B のサウンドはクレイジー。Peace.

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